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8 reassuring signs youre finding happiness

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C onnected, curious, and courageous, we can channel our energy into things that are meaningful and find meaning in things that trigger pain.

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We can focus our creativity on building a flourishing future instead of frittering it away maintaining patterns from the past. Our guiding light is our life purpose. We cannot thrive until we discover it; and we cannot fail to thrive as long as we align ourselves with it every day.

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Lasting happiness can never come from achieving goals, no matter how audacious, because the glow from every success—whether it is winning Olympic gold or a golden Oscar—fades eventually. However, every problem we have is an opportunity to discover more about our purpose, providing 8 reassuring signs youre finding happiness with a joy that shines brighter with every passing day.

Should you keep your safe job or leave it to follow your bliss? Should you have a baby now or party hard? Should you make lots of money while you can or travel the world?

1. when you stop comparing...

8 reassuring signs youre finding happiness you start a non-profit organization or change the system from inside it? Your purpose has nothing to do with what you should do or not. It is not about being right or wrong. It has nothing to do with what your parents think.

It has nothing to do with being rich, respected, or famous. It is your truth once you have reached peace within. Heal the pain and you are free to co-create a new story with the IS-ness of life, which can guide you to thrive for the rest of your days. Purpose is not a big, hairy, or audacious goal. Instead, it is the way you can be each and every moment of each and every day that brings the most of your potential into the world.

It is the glue that connects your brilliance with what your community needs most. Purpose is a conversation between your heart and the heartaches of the world. It is a bridge between your unique gifts and what the world wants most from you. It may not be convenient, moneymaking, or safe. Many of your loved ones may not understand it.

Some may resist it. Yet, it does not matter who thinks what about it. It is your truth. Are you exhausted from running toward or away from the hopes and desires of your parents?

Tired of benchmarking your success with that of your friends? Undecided whether to focus on fame and fortune or making a difference to society? Confused by competing myths spun by the 8 reassuring signs youre finding happiness about what the good life is?

Overwhelmed by just how much you could do with your talents? Unsure what following your bliss would even look like? Help is at hand.