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Hot amputee pictures

Gay Nude Photo Galleries Hot amputee pictures.

If you have a second please take a look here. I just love this photo of Kia.

She is always on the go and exploring. This is one of our favorite places to take the dogs especially when its a nice day: Artificial leg prosthesis fabricated by a true artisan in the s at Bardach Schone in Chicago.

This is becoming a lost art in the United States. It is an example of the lost art of prosthetics in producing a cosmetic prosthesis. Early Otto Bock advertising placed cosmetics at the forefront of the four functions of endoskeleton prostheses. While I was with Otto Bock technician Ronny Larson and I came up with a superior finishing technique then the one published by Otto Bock Germany in their technical information bulletins.

It was adopted by Hot amputee pictures Bock and Hot amputee pictures prosthetics industry but in the long run could not overcome the increasing size and bulk of new endoskeleton components. Today the industry is trying to overcome the short comings of cosmetic prostheses by redirecting amputees to embrace the oddity of prostheses.

The following video is the original design:. So, here is my first post. I hope you will join me on my creative endeavors: A Syrian man looks longingly as a boat heads out to sea from Izmir on Turkey's Aegean coast. The city has become a popular departure point for those crossing to Greece. Each refugee has a different tale to tell, but all share the common thread of desperation and danger faced in crossing to Greece. Suddenly, out of the dark, a Greek coastguard vessel appeared and masked men Hot amputee pictures their boat, removed the engine and dropped it into the sea.

As Ahmed and some of the other Syrians tried to climb onto the coastguard boat, they Hot amputee pictures badly beaten. If you send us back we will die there. They said, 'Die, but don't come here,'" he recalls. Nobody in the room seems horrified or even surprised. And the others laugh as Ahmed tells how his head was so swollen from the beating that he was later hospitalized.

This was after Ahmed's boat had been towed to Turkish waters, where they were left drifting until found Hot amputee pictures the Turkish coastguard.

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It was Ahmed's third attempt to reach Greece from Hot amputee pictures. In May, he crossed the Evros River with two friends and made it to the town of Orestiada before being arrested while buying train tickets for Athens. The three were detained briefly Hot amputee pictures sent back across the river to Turkey.

His second attempt days later was abandoned because the river was too high and dangerous to cross. And in June, he made a fourth attempt on a boat bound for the Greek island of Samos. This time, the Greek coastguard picked them up and took them to Samos, arranging hospital treatment for two ill Syrians on board.

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But for those who do reach Greece after fleeing persecution and violence in places such as Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and Iraq, life is hard.

The eight men living in the small Athens basement room pay euros each month between them Hot amputee pictures sleep on Hot amputee pictures mattresses. No one has a regular job and they don't know how they will pay the next month's rent.

None of them intends to stay in Greece. Many plan to move on to countries such as Germany and Sweden. But the road onwards also contains many obstacles. Last June, Radwan says, he and two others were arrested and detained near the Serbian border after crossing from northern Greece into the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Now back in Athens, he says he plans to try to leave again — to anywhere but Greece.

Despite their hardship, the men recognize the difficulties facing many Greeks too. He has five children in Syria to support and they now live with other family members while he tries to find a way to return some stability to their lives.

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A lawyer by profession, Farid says that his life in the western Syria city of Homs before the war was very good. But two to three years Hot amputee pictures, he says, "We lost everything. We lost our jobs. We had no income or resources. Now he is looking to find his way to Sweden. In some ways the eight men in Athens are the lucky ones.

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Another group of young Syrian men, drinking tea in the Turkish city of Izmir and waiting to make the crossing to Europe, tell stories of failed attempts.

Many of their stories involve them Hot amputee pictures violently deterred from entering Europe or being returned to Turkey. With no end in sight to the Syrian crisis and with few legal ways of entering Europe available, more people will continue to make the dangerous journey across the Hot amputee pictures from Turkey to Greece or from North Africa to southern Europe in search of stability, security, reunification with family and an opportunity to support family members back home.

I was finally able to go out with the everyone to take some shots, I am happy I got this one. Many of the shots were just too noisy for my taste due to the light Townsend is competing in cycling, swimming and track and field after placing in many events last year. This has become the most viewed photo in my Flickr collection.

Thanks to all of you who have taken a look so far!! Our home is filled with these sad little characters, lacking various limbs and articles of clothing, who have been discarded by my fickle little man. Well this is a little out of my comfort zone but that's what I am trying to do this year by participating in this project! I took this in my bedroom while Hot amputee pictures was laying on the bed on a fuzzy black blanket.

I was standing on a trunk to get some elevation for a little different pov. I was using a flash Whoa that never happens! A little 'past processing' on a shot from Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

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Hard to believe this was only eight weeks ago. Kia is still so beautiiful. I think this may be a new fave shot of her for me along with the one of her on the beach We just couldn't love her more! Explore Trending More More. Related groups — amputee View all View all All Photos Tagged amputee. Livin on the Edge by kia's r kid.

If you have a second please take a look here I just love this photo Hot amputee pictures Kia. Wood artificial leg prosthesis for above knee amputee by Al Pike Photography. The Hot amputee pictures video is the original design: This is a school that takes in deformed children who are orphaned. An amazing place that i donate to when i can. Wigged Out by tara truax. S4P09 by Vick Pretender. Explore, April 27, Support and Encouragement by maryboz.

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These guys have my back. By Duncan Breen in Athens, Greece.

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S1P08 by Vick Pretender. Flower matching by alma berta. Amputee by Bill Cosby. Kia's Retrieve by kia's r kid. S1P09 by Vick Pretender.

Marine Corps photo by Cpl.

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Huellas imborrables by Miguel Escudero. Winter Anguish by Halcon Amputee in Puerta del Sol, whom I shot in the exact spot last summer. Amputee by Justin Brandis.

S2P19 by Vick Pretender. Sandra September by Sandra. Labeled by Corey Ward. Have a great weekend: Watching and waiting Hot amputee pictures the kong to be thrown into the lake.

This shot looks best when viewed large press L. Couldn't love her more More Pics That May Be Interesting For You: dressed undressed extreme. extreme amputee.

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