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How to huge cum

Gay Naked Galleries How to huge cum.
In case you were wondering...

Who do you think does better in bed — a dribbler or a shooter? It makes them feel attractive. And it ends great sex with a thrilling climax.

There are lots of foods,...

Unfortunately, many men struggle with low semen volume. Instead of that massive load, they spill a small, embarrassing teaspoon of cum. Semen is made up of what we consume. First we need to talk about sugar. Sugar is in everything these days, even stuff you think is healthy. Did you know that the average bowl of muesli contains almost an ounce of sugar?

Our bodies react badly to processed carbs, because processed food is by definition unnatural. No one has ever hunted down a wild donut! Alcohol, unfortunately, is another guilty party.

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Excessive alcohol consumption is known to be bad for sexual performance. Ever heard of whiskey dick?

How to huge cum to see the ingredients in action? Watch the video below to learn the secrets pornstars use to shoot BIG loads! So, the first step is to cut down on sugar and processed carbs, and not to drink too much.

But eating the right things will have the opposite effect. Certain ingredients will increase the volume of your load, and have you shooting across the room. However, be careful with the asparagus, as it can make your semen smell and taste terrible. Carrots are rich in Vitamin A, which increases sperm production and motility.