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The State of Minnesota, townships, and municipalities are responsible for all other roadways in the County.

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See link on sidebar for jurisdicational information and contacts. Heavy, wet snow followed by a cold snap could require more time to clear than dry snow.

Fully equipped trucks weigh as much as 15 times 70, pounds when loaded more than an average car. Salt melts snow and ice on roads when road surface temperatures are below freezing.

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Salt gets less effective as temperatures drop. Sand increases traction for motorists on slippery roads, mostly used at intersections, curves, and inclines. As a general rule snow removal is conducted during daylight hours. This is to help maximize safety and efficiency.

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Whenever possible snow removal will start at 5 a. To minimize driver fatigue every effort is made to limit driver shifts to 12 hours. Work may continue for several days after a snow event to remove drifts, push back snow banks, and address problem areas.

Snowplow trucks are dispatched from three locations in the County: Milaca, Wahkon, and Princeton. Snowplows travel much slower than the posted speeds.

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As in most large trucks, the driver's field of vision is severely restricted immediately in front of and to the rear of the truck. The driver must rely on mirrors to see the rear and to the side.

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Stay Back - At least five car lengths behind the plow, far from the snow cloud. Snowplow operators will pull over when it is safe to do so to allow traffic Blind spots for plow drivers. Be Patient - Remember snowplows are working to improve road conditions for your driving safety.

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Stay Alert - Snowplows turn or exit frequently and often with little warning, they may also travel over centerlines or partially in traffic to further improve road conditions.

Plowing around mailboxes and newspaper boxes is time consuming and potentially dangerous. Mailboxes that are too close to the road and do not provide enough clearance under the box are a candidate to be hit by a plow.

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For the wing blades to pass under a mailbox, a minimum of 42" is required between the lowest point under the mailbox and Juvenile teens plowing around ground. If you have a County approved swinging mailbox support, and the mailbox is damaged by the plow not the snow ; the County will be responsible for the damage. All other mailboxes, paper boxes, and their related supports are the responsibility of the property owner.

The long term goal of the County is to have all mailbox supports conform to the County standard.

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