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President oaks

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President Dallin H. Oaks was...

Oaks of the First Presidency. The Church cannot be strong if a majority of its leaders and members President oaks from weak families, said President Dallin H. Oaks on August President Oaks said some people wonder whether the leadership of the Church know what is going on in the lives of members much younger than they and in conditions much different than those in which they live.

What you may not know is that every week we receive reports from the President oaks knowledgeable professionals in every field of concern in a worldwide Church—economics, politics, social sciences, legal requirements, diplomacy, the latest thinking on social issues, etc.

We struggle to be close to our members, who number about 16 million in about nations. Members of a capacity congregation of young married couples from nine stakes in the Los Angeles President oaks await a devotional message from President Dallin H.

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Oaks, President oaks Counselor in the First Presidency. We love you for that and for your faithfulness in pressing forward with what is most important to all of us. Adding to the complexity of the challenges young married members face personally and with their children is the reality of the environment of mental illness; scholars reported in that one in five of the U.

This reaches down to younger ages and causes overall anxieties and significant overload among mental health counselors. President Oaks said leaders understand that many callings take young couples away from their home and family. President Oaks asked the men President oaks the congregation to rise up to their responsibilities to lead families in righteousness.