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Why you shouldnt take interracial dating granted

Gay xXx Images Why you shouldnt take interracial dating granted.

Relationships can be hard all on their own.

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Are they harder when you're dating or married to someone outside of your race and cultural background? The two biggest themes that came up in talking about interracial relationships were food and family.

In discussing different decisions on how to raise their 2-year-old son, the husband responded that he never considered that he was raising a 'Black' child in America, whereas the wife was acutely aware that her mixed-race son would be largely seen as Black in America and was instinctively tuned in to all that this meant for her child as he grows up, despite both of them being immigrants.

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Janice Rhoshalle Littlejohn - twitter. Littlejohn literally wrote the book on interracial dating, but even she found herself surprised by some reactions. Here are some more challenges couples face in interracial relationships.

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Mine has been in the States for a long time, but my husband is first-generation American. His family has a very different idea of what is expected than mine.

His parents are very much 'get married to a nice Chinese girl and have babies,' and while his mother has accepted me, his father hasn't. I don't get a lot of reaction from people in general to the difference in race, but when we go to authentic Chinese restaurants where he can order in Chinese, people give us looks, which can sometimes be uncomfortable.

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Sarah as a white mother, who sees her half-white sons' biggest problems as getting into the right schools and making good life decisions; and me, as a Black father wanting to shield them from a system that's stacked against them, often wishing them incarceration or harm without the justifiable reasons to do so. It's a constant struggle between two very different viewpoints, but so far we're making it work. Long story short, I was introduced and forced to eat a lot of things which my boyfriend considers gross.