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Fastened up and plowed

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A wide band, usually made of heavy canvas material, which is hooked to the traces to hold them up and in place.

A strip or ridge of land left unplowed. The part of the plow by which it is pulled or drawn.


A wide band hooked to the traces, usually constructed of heavy canvas material, which goes under the belly of the animal to help hold the harness in place. A metal contrivance on the bridle which goes in the animal's mouth to control him. A bridle fitted with "blinds" or "blinkers" to prevent a draft animal Fastened up and plowed being distracted by objects in his side vision.

A plow point shaped like a large tongue which goes on a Georgia Stock. Also known as a "scooter".

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An iron gadget for hooking the singletree to the beam. The part of the harness that fits over the shoulders of the animal, designed to distribute the drag of the load being drawn. A crosspiece with a singletree attached to each end, used when two animals are harnessed at once.

The load which is being drawn. An iron guard to keep excessive dirt from covering small plants.

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A process of breaking land by using the turning plow, after which the field is usually left to lay" for a period of time before being rowed up.

A metal piece - sometimes called a standard - which holds the wing and point onto the plow. A trench made in the ground by the plow. A command to an animal meaning, "Go to the right. A plow Fastened up and plowed for working the crop.