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Circus of Men is the latest output from the Black Fire Agency, a company that has always enjoyed putting sex at the forefront of the show. Given what they are known for, this is a bit like Marmite promising to Gay naked male circus their new Marmite even more Marmitey than ever before.

Can it be done?

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A big draw for this show is the quality of the performers. He smashes a watermelon with his forehead, breaks out of handcuffs, cracks nuts with his massive hands and politely offers them to the ladies in the audience, and a whole lot more.

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By the end of his act, the stage is strewn with discarded bits and pieces. The parallel shapes they are able to pull with their extreme flexibility make this a very beautiful thing to watch.

The aerial chains act by Stephen Williams is another highlight; it is strong and confident. Many of the performers, particularly Sir Leopold Aleksander, pull off great innuendo-laden banter with the guys and girls equally.

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What strikes Gay naked male circus is that, while all of the performers are clearly good looking and the choreography is sexualised, we still find it difficult to know what heteronormative female sexual fantasy should look like.

Gay sexuality too, in cabaret at least, is very well open to diversity. The hangover of patriarchy means that honest straight female sexuality is largely unexplored.

Tonight sees a lot of muscular guys, shirtless, wearing trousers; as a society it really underpins where we are right now. When images of sexy females are everywhere, turning the tables and putting men in the spotlight is a good thing, for the balance of equality at least.

But it would be nice if we could reach some higher understanding of female sexuality or question it a little more. If we are getting too heavy into gender-theory here then, rest assured, this is an entertaining show with great performers. And, if you like your sex straight up and served on a plate, then it might make you a little weak at the knees too.

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