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How be good kisser according science

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How to be a good kisser? Why is kissing so important?

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Is kissing the best way to show affection? Why do humans kiss?

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Is there a perfect kiss? How to kiss good?

How to kiss with tongue? A lot of question about one simple activity that humans have been doing since time memorial to show love and affection. We all do seem to know the answers to the questions, but somewhat vaguely.

Kissing is THE ultimate way...

To get to the bottom of a kiss, let us first understand the anatomy of a kiss. One may think how to be a good kisser to increase the chances of approval. The saliva exchanged allows a lot of body chemicals to be exchanged thereby producing some marvelous effects.

Kissing is also a mate selector exercise, wherein the saliva exchange allows to find partners that differ in genetic makeup and would result in healthy offspring with greater disease resistance. The lips have a lot of nerve endings that get stimulated upon lips to lips touch and the brain goes into an overdrive that upon saliva exchange that does the magic of a chemical cocktail bomb.

These chemicals together add a mix of emotions and outcome that cause euphoria and addictive behavior which causes one kiss after another and another leading to sex so many times. Other related effects are the red flushing of cheeks, dilation of blood vessels, the quickening of pulse and deep long breathing.

So a perfect kiss allows for so many emotions which is why a person who knows how to be a good kisser, can create a How be good kisser according science make or break situation in a new relationship.

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There are a lot of factors that are at play which make a kiss perfect or not. Often most of these factors are under the control of a person. While these vary if the subject at hand is a man or a woman, some of them are very essential. The environment plays a huge role in setting the mood for kiss and love, and this largely depends on the people kissing.

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The world belongs to the one, who knows its tips and tricks and knows how to be a good kisser. In most cases, men generally seem to be the initiator of a kiss on the lips, though women do it as well.

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Here are some kissing techniques so you know how to kiss good. One can try several things such as using a flavored lip balm, or popping in some strawberries for add taste feel and heightened love feeling.

Its all up to you, and you should at all times maintain your confidence.

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A 10 second french kiss or deep kiss transfers about 80 million bacteria through saliva swap. It benefits us through a number of ways for instance boosting immunity.

Lastly, for anyone to know how to be a good kisser, hygiene is at the top of priority. Impress your partner today.

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