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Make sure that you get the best possible results and avoid unnecessary worry by following a few tips. You may also want to take our risk assessment to get a heads up on any risk factors that could be impacting your fertility. The test will measure key parameters of semen known to impact fertility. Minimally, it will measure: More comprehensive analysis will also measure sperm morphology the shape of spermliquefaction time semen starts out viscous and over time should become watery and pH of semen how acidic it is.

Typically, semen analysis is performed by a technician who will literally take a drop of the sample, place it on a microscope slide and analyze it under a microscope.

A number of factors including technician experience, method used and equipment can impact the quality of the results. Because sperm are relatively fragile, sample collection and handling will also impact the quality of test results.

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If the sample sits in the cup too long, sperm will begin to die and break apart. A bit of abstinence helps: To optimize results, it is best to test days following your last ejaculation. The testicle is constantly producing sperm which are stored in a long tubular structure called the epididymis. During an ejaculation the epididymis is emptied and fresh sperm flow into it.

It takes days to completely refill the epididymis.

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Testing too soon after an ejaculation will usually show a lower sperm count. So, waiting longer is better, right? Sperm cells have a limited lifespan of 3 weeks max inside the testicle.

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When ejaculations are infrequent, sperm cells start to die and break down inside the body. To get a good understanding of how healthy your sperm are, you really want to look at a fresh batch. Then, wait a few days to allow the epididymis to fill up with fresh sperm.

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During the week before the test do your best to not cook your balls which will result in mass casualties among your troops. Avoid hot tubs, saunas, grilling, laptop heat and the like. Brief exposures to high heat in the days prior to a semen Males over 30 two dirty two wait can cause premature cell death and will impact your motility results. Prolonged heat exposures like fevers, frequent hot tub use, long-periods of sitting, occupational heat exposures or laptop use can impair sperm production.

It takes about two and half months to make a sperm start to finish. However, if you have had prolonged exposures to high heat or a fever over degrees in the past three months, it is worth mentioning to the doctor. While you probably learned the ABCs of how to produce a semen sample sometime in middle school, there are a few things worth noting when you are trying to get some feedback regarding your fertility.

Can I collect a semen sample at home? Semen starts out viscous and over time liquefies. This helps it to stay near the cervix, then as it liquefies sperm are free to swim to the intended destinations.

Clinics want to measure how long it takes for the semen to liquefy which is typically under an hour. For this reason they prefer to collect the sample at the clinic. However, If you live close enough, you may be able to bring a sample from home. Ask the doctor if you would prefer this option.