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Pooper friends

Gay Pics Gallery Pooper friends.
Haha! anyway, we went to...

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To a kid, Pooper friends candy dispenser must be either utterly disgusting, or the coolest thing ever. As one of Porky's distributors describes him: These cute little pigs dispense dainty candy doo doo for the munching pleasure of friends and loved ones.

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Just pop off the head to fill the body with jelly beans and let the silly giggles Pooper friends. Each 4-inch plastic pig poops jelly bean droppings when you push down on its behind.

Are Pez dispensers just not cool enough nowadays? Newest 5 Comments I used to work in a friend's candy store and we Pooper friends these along with pooping cows and reindeer.

Published 29.8.2019

Pooper friends We had one on the counter so people could see how they worked. Most grown-ups would remark on how Pooper friends it was just before tossing one of the jelly bean poops into their mouth. This usually happened before we could warn them of how many people had handled the poop.

We would just keep putting them back in until someone decided to eat them. I figure if they don't have the manners to ask then it serves them right.

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I think I'm in the lead after this past year's Polar bear gift to my sis. I do cherish my piggy and cow though.

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Those have been around forever. They have them at the dollar stores here.

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I like the slogan "the super pocket pooper". Like all the other pocket poopers you ever owned were only mediocre.

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