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She did not know who made the payment. Report of smoke forces plane to makes emergency landing in NJ. Nurse said imposter used her credentials for healthcare jobs. District Judge Claudia Wilken in Oakland, California, said college football and men's and women's basketball players competing at the NCAA's highest level should be permitted to receive compensation from schools beyond the current athletic scholarship, but only if the benefits are tied to educa.

Published 4h at 3: Published 5h at 2: Good Samaritan saw stranger being assaulted, so he chased away attackers Security cameras showed an unsuspecting victim walking just north of Melrose. Published March 8, at A change in stream flow has turned a popular soccer field into a swampy mess An athletic field on the windward Two 23 6 taking bare turns has turned into a swampy mess because of a stream flow problem that started years ago.

Published March 8, at 9: From soccer field to swampy mess: Abrupt closure leaves hundreds of Argosy University students in the dark. Meet Hawaii's first electric-powered tour bus fleet. A closer look at the ongoing repairs happening on Pali Highway. Published March 8, at 8: Published March 8, at 6: Published March 8, at 5: Stressed out at work? As they gear up for contract talks, hundreds of hotels workers rally in Waikiki The rally comes amid contract negotiations with the hotel.

March 8 March 8. In his middle school robotics class, imagination is just as important as math Robert Walker saves videos of robots his Moanalua Middle School students design and build. It's a collection of amazing Two 23 6 taking bare turns.

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Man charged with arson accused of setting several wildfires in West Oahu A state lawmakers says the episode underscores the fire danger in the area. Published March 8, at 3: Published March 8, at 2: Published March 8, at 1: How does pro surfer Mark Healey train?

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By dipping into freezing Alaska waters! Here's how the big-wave surfer is preparing for colder North Shore waters. He was best known for his roles from the s and s. Parents in youth wrestling brawl agree to avoid each other for 10 years If their children are wrestling each other, they are to remain silent in the stands and not talk to each other.

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As DPS investigates shootings, a controversial promotion is happening Sgt. Man sinks in muddy road, gets stuck chest deep Philip Denny said that he was not the first to get sucked in to the mud making up the road he lives on in Cocke County, TN.

But with kids living along the route, he hopes he's the last. The resignation is effective Friday. Published March 8, at 7: Jackson's family has criticized the program, and his estate is suing HBO. Hang on to your hats this weekend: It will be windy! A wind advisory is in effect for some parts of the state.

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Chelsea Manning jailed for refusing to testify on Wikileaks U. District Judge Claude Hilton ordered Manning to jail for contempt of court on Friday after a brief hearing in which Manning confirmed she has no intention of testifying.

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She told the judge she "will accept whatever you bring upon me. After refusing to step aside for months, embattled city prosecutor takes leave amid federal probe He put himself on immediate paid leave. More breezy winds for the weekend Breezy winds to hold for the weekend. Boy shot father with his own service weapon over video game dispute The boy told police he wanted his video games back, and court documents reveal much more.

Published March 8, at 4: US adds just 20K jobs; unemployment dips to 3. Last month's weak gain came after employers had added a Two 23 6 taking bare turnsjobs in January, the most in nearly a year. Over the past three months, job growth has averaged a solid , enough to lower the unemployment rate over time.

Funny, silent or creepy ride? And his ride menu has gone viral. Baby found dead in freezing car with unconscious mom in Indiana Court documents state the mother was found lying across the center console of her car with a bottle of rum when she and her baby were found.

Teacher makes boy, 8, urinate in trashcan in front of class The mother of an Two 23 6 taking bare turns school child in Los Angeles is outraged after the way her son was treated in the classroom. She said the teacher would not let him go to the bathroom. He was forced to relieve himself in front of t.