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Gay cops dating site

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So I'm a criminal justice major and I'll be graduating from college next year. My career goal is to become a police officer and then go back to college to complete my masters to become a homicide detective.

I was telling my friend that I was gay one day when she told me "you can't be gay in law enforcement! Hearing her say that threw me off and I started doubting my career options and thinking about double majoring just to be on the safe side but decided to stick with criminal justice and a minor in sociology. What do you guys think? Anything will be appreciated!! I don't actually know any gay cops, but that's probably because I'm still pretty new and don't ask the cops I encounter about their personal lives.

Personally, I'd love to date a cop. A guy with a job, who cares about Gay cops dating site community. Very attractive, in the abstract. I think Gay cops dating site should go for it. The kinds of gay guys that wouldn't want to date a cop are probably on serious illegal drugs, engaged in illegal activity, or as others have mentioned a SJW.

Since pot is now legal in most places or shortly will be that would be my only long-term barrier personally. A lot of cops keep pretty fit and are handsome. I'd date one with zero objection. Don't let one offhand comment deter you. Quite the opposite I expect you'd be a hot commodity.

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He was the sort of guy who you could tell was very private and didn't tell people about his sexuality because he was afraid he wouldn't get backup.

Not to deter OP at all, but I have to agree in my experience. My stepfather was one, and growing up was a miserable experience. This may have been the exception rather than the rule though. Gay cops dating site really don't know how or why that would effect your dating life at all.

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I think being a police officer is a respectable job and would love to date one. Hell I bet some guys will even be drawn to you more because cops are often seen as a very masculine type guys.

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I think the only people who would have an issue with it are druggies and people who get in trouble with the law often, which you probably want to avoid anyway. You should do what you want to do, don't let this person get to you. I guess it has to do with police brutality. I feel that once I become a police officer and on a date who asks you what you do for a living they'll soon kinda be scared or something like that.

That's probably part of it, I know a lot of people who are just kind of ideologically distrustful of the police as an institution, and in some cases I can't really blame 'em.

But obviously a few bad apples don't represent the whole, and really, the issues with institutionalized violence are why there NEED to be more good guy cops out there who a represent minorities, b are really trying to improve their communities. You could be the kind of person to change their minds, and being knowledgable in sociology can't hurt either.

I say go for it Ignore her sillyness, please try of gay cops http: I'd be down to date a cop if I thought he was handsome and kind. I doubt this career aspiration will negatively impact your dating life. I'm a classical musician, and for a long time I thought it was required in the universe's bylaws that I date another Gay cops dating site musician although I know it's a bit easier than finding other gay copsbut when I found out I rly didn't like most the people Gay cops dating site was meeting, I realized I can do whatever the fuck I want at all times lol.

Surely we can look at each cop as an individual and give him the benefit of the doubt until we know not to, just like we would any other individual. Am what many call a SJW.

I don't see any reason to hate him. Almost all cops are good, and being Gay cops dating site cop by no means is a default to you being a bigot.

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How do I know? They literally said it out loud and were proud of it. Those people fuck it up for the rest of the police out there. All I really do is beat on minorities all day.

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I can fuck with black people all I want and no one will do anything about it. This person never connected his hate to his work as an officer, but he said word for word, "I would love to be able to just beat the shit out of all the fags out there. When and where were these comments made?

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I'm hoping s Alabama. And how did the other people present react to their comments? The other two a bunch of people heard, and we just changed the subject right away.

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I have no dislike of cops as an SJW. I do dislike cops who abuse civil forfeiture, or kill unarmed people, go on ego trips and abuse people, accept bribes or protect cops who do these things and don't report them.

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Which unfortunately is a lot of cops. I like cops like the Dallas police department which actually takes police brutality and abuse of power seriously.

Dating a Cop: Where Do...

They're fucking edge-lords and 4chan'ers who look for any excuse for violence. Social Justice Warriors still fight for social justice. It's just my observation: Then every major civil rights group, and country are trash.

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Ghandi's followers used violence, Dr. Hell if thats your logic then every gay person celebrating the Stonewall riots this month at their pride parade is trash. Name one social movement in history that didn't involve violence. By your logic, every social movement has been a terrorist movement.

We live in a messed up word. Antifa are not half channers, nor are they from fullchan.

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I don't know where you got this from but I'm slightly curious if you could provide some proof it could be a fun read.

The French police officer who was killed by a Muslim during a terrorist attack by Isis earlier inwas gay! These days, in most big cities in the western hemisphere, it's not too much of a problem. Gay cops dating site not be ideal elsewhere. Go for your passion. If your partner loves you, he won't mind what job or career you pursue. Also a gay police officer is hot. You could come up with moralistic arguments against a lot of professions. Scientist for the EPA and you haven't resigned?!

There are many gay police officers. Also, a master's degree isn't a requirement to be a homicide detective.

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