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An employee of the Embassy Suites reported Jan.

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At least 30 people in the lobby were ordered to disperse, then officers began a room-by-room search with the K-9, Chino; first the third floor, then the second floor. At least 25 people in Room were instructed to get on the floor.

One man was in the bathroom and refused to get on the ground, so an officer put him on the ground. The man attempted to get back up, and the officer put a foot on his shoulder and pushed him back down.

A woman came out of the room and attempted to interfere, ignoring several verbal commands, so was placed under arrest for obstructing official business.

Meanwhile, the man on the floor escaped from the room and left the hotel. The man who made the gun comment was escorted from the hotel and released.

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A woman dialed Jan. She gave them permission to look around the room, and one officer spotted a bloody syringe on the floor and other drub paraphernalia scattered about the room.

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The woman admitted to shooting both crack and heroin. The woman said she had used up all the drugs.

The officers found more paraphernalia and heroin hidden in the bottom seam of the room window drape. She was charged with possession of drug abuse instruments and drug paraphernalia, with other charges pending after lab results. A security officer spotted an Independence woman in a wheelchair and on oxygen shoplifting about 11 p.

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The woman, 56, put a box of cotton swabs in her purse, put dental floss under her leg, then took a bottle of floor cleaner, a bottle of wine and a thermal shirt inside her jacket, before going out the door. She was wanted on warrants from Shaker Heights and Beachwood, but was cited and released for health reasons.

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A car struck the center median twice about 10 p. The driver, a Brunswick woman, was driving under suspension with limited privileges, but did not have the papers with her.

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She also had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech, and failed sobriety tests, so was arrested and charged with operating a vehicle under the influence, driving under suspension and operation without reasonable control. A drunk driver refused to pull over about An officer pulled his car alongside and used the loudspeaker to tell her to pull over, but she veered toward the police car, almost hitting it twice.

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Another officer helped corral her into a parking lot. She could barely stand and had trouble speaking. An open bottle of tequila was on the floor of the car.

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She was charged with OVI, impeding the flow of traffic and open container. A woman left her purse in the hallway Jan.

When she left the lab, her purse was open and her wallet was missing. A charge was later made on her debit card. A Cleveland man reported Jan.