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Mason wyler interview

Gay xXx Images Mason wyler interview.

As gay porn stars go, few know how to raise eyebrows quite like Mason Wyler. Now Wyler is making headlines again — this time for coming out as HIV-positive.

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Wyler talks to The Advocate about his decision to disclose his status, what this means for his porn career and how he feels about the mixed response to his announcement. Well, a former housemate of mine tweeted about it, trying to smear me in a negative light and suggest I was out there spreading disease.

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And then one of the industry bloggers picked it up and tried to smear me in a similar light. Since it was already out there that I had tested positive, I thought I should say something. In your blog post, you said you have only yourself to blame. I take responsibility for my own actions.

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What have you learned? Would you go back and do anything differently? I knew all the risks.

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I knew each time I participated in unsafe sex it was a good possibility I might get something. You say there were moments when you had unsafe sex, and you knew the risks going in.

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I did do two very small bareback scenes probably two or three years ago, but I never really thought of that as risky because we did get tested beforehand and I kind of knew the guys. It kind of bothers me.

I love the industry.

There are a lot of people who have drug issues and personality issues. But there are also a lot of really great people.

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