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Milked men drawing homo

Gay Pron Pictures Milked men drawing homo.
Coarse training

Your first picture is from this artist. He's one of my favorites actually. If you want to contact me use the link in my profile which you can now reach via the new 'contact page' below Thanks for visiting Mitchell's blog Oct 28th Saturday, 18 February The Milking Factory.

KW - The Farm click to enlarge.

Milked men drawing homo This is the earliest example I have found so far of the Milking Factory Idea, although I suspect more might be unearthed in due course. KW visualises an alien-like construct with youthful subjects secured to posts and even suspended in the air while their juices are coldly and continuously extracted.

The subjects provide an interesting array of facial expressions ranging from resignation and bewilderment to orgasmic excitement at the moment of delivery. Kami Tora - Night Shift Kami Tora's take considers the requirement for a little stimulation to ensure plentiful production.

BDSM menial man-loving boy tickled...

Thus the natural pumping qualities of the vacuum tube are augmented by electrical stimulation of the testicles. The choice of supplementary, giant dildo rammers is a little more questionable since such equipment, though exciting to watch, is not necessarily conducive to maintaining an excited erectile state except in the mind of well-practised recipient.

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