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Alone in the pool

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By radiJune 19, in Off Topic. What do you think about going to pol alone. It is good Alone in the pool right now and I might go or go in future, I have no friends here in Germany right now, I had some but they did not care about me and some were idiots, so I am thinking of going to pool alone since I love going to swinning pools. Does it look odd to go alone or not that odd?

I go alone to the pool in the health club I use all the time.

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I don't see why anyone would have a problem with it. Take a good book and some music in your mp3 player with you, but be careful no one takes your stuff while you are having a bad.

Nothing odd about it. Why should it be? Alone in the pool is something different, when people see you swimming alone they might laugh. Also I would not take an mp3 player and listen music while I am lying in the shadow, I don't want to isolate me that much that I don't hear what people talk and if someone comes to ask me a question.

People can make fun about anything you do, anything you say. Everything in live is laughable. Of course it may be problematic if you need someone to keep an eye on your stuff, but don't private you of something because you're afraid of the other reactions. And as we say in french, better alone Alone in the pool badly accompanied.

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Go grab chicks asses underwater. I think you shouldn't go to pool alone, it's totally odd.

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Find some girl who likes goa trance music and Hallucinogen In Dub and take her to pool, she might like that aswell, or just find another guy who got same opinion like you. When I go swim to the rivers, I never go alone.

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Unless you dont know how to swim in which case i refer to myself i dont know why it should be a problem. In that case I would have suggested you to jerk off into that pool while nobody sees, it would most likely be to your liking and then invite skinny chicks for a swim and ask them how they like swimming in your jizz!

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Go with an escort. There are real nice ones for not so much money. If it's only for swimming pool, it's even cheaper.

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Posted June 19, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Go for it, Radi.

Just be sure to wax first. If you want to go to the pool alone just go. Where's the problem radi? I see nothing wrong with going at pool alone Is it forbidden in the law? Posted June 20, I would rather grap some feet of skiiny chick and rub Alone in the pool on my dick.

Posted June 29, Posted June 30, Radi, I thought youre talking about some sort of open air, backyard pool. There are real nice ones for not so much money If it's only for swimming pool, it's even cheaper Don't stay alone.

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After doing a google search of "Going to the Pool Alone", this came up in images. I put the image behind a link - R.

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You can do anything! Try water dancing lol practice your swimming techniques, your dives and jumping in to the pool.

Recently, there was a little...

It's also really fun to jump. The divers now try to swim to the other side and get out of the pool. What can I do for fun if I'm alone in a pool that's too small for diving and swimming?.

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