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Bring fifty shades your bedroom

Gay Sexy xXx Base pix Bring fifty shades your bedroom.

The upcoming film version of "Fifty Shades of Grey" has more and more people considering adding a little bondage into their sex lives.

Here are eight ways to dip a toe into the kinky world of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele — tonight: It's also a way of making them feel vulnerable, like, 'Oh wow, what's gonna happen next? Make a bag of tricks that contains sensual objects, such as a vibrator or lube, plus seemingly random items say, a rubber spatula. Have your partner close his or her eyes, pull out an object, and use it on you in some kinky way.

With the world-wide phenomenon that...

Use a necktie or even special no-stick bondage tape to tie down your lover. Some people get super hot simply by being restrained — knowing they can't touch the person who is giving them pleasure can enhance it. Many couples use vibrators — but you can heighten the power trip by giving your partner control over the remote.

Love it or hate it,...

New York City sex therapist Sari Cooper recommends having a woman holding a vibrator in place while her lover revs it up however he or she wishes. That dominant-submissive power dynamic is a classic of BDSM. Tie up your partner and then masturbate in front of him or her.

Let Christian Grey – and...

The loss of control will send him or her over the edge, Cooper said. Paddle to the metal: If you want to experiment with pain, start slowly! Ten light taps will give your partner a taste of the possible thrill, says Rachel Venning, co-founder of the sex toy shop Babeland and the co-author of "Moregasm: Babeland's Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex.

Very soft items, like feathers, can also heighten pleasure just as much as a slap. Ben Wa balls play a role in "Fifty Shades of Grey," but you can take these spherical vaginal weights out of the bedroom — another way for a lover to assert power.

Bondage aficionados say the pleasure-pain dynamic drives them crazy — but a study shows it's actually not driving them crazy. The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that people who engage in BDSM practices have better psychological health than people who engage in so-called "vanilla" sex.

Q: With the new Fifty...

Kinky participants were less neurotic, more extroverted and open to new experiences, plus more conscientious and less upset by rejection. But there are a million questions: The more you know: With the world-wide phenomenon that the 'Fifty Shades Of Grey” trilogy has become it's impossible to escape the media coverage, the ecstatic. We can't say we were surprised to see a line of sex toys inspired by the BDSM bedroom scenes in the final installment of the series, 'Fifty.

5 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom Into a '50 Shades of Grey' Fantasy there are a few steps you can take to give your bedroom enough of a Fifty.

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