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Paul bruckmann

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Paul Bruckmann

Funded within the 7. Framework of the European Union, in this project the wire robot Paul bruckmann is transferred to applications in the area of large parts handling and aircraft maintenance.

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Characterizing spring durability for automotive ride using artificial neural network analysis. Influence of automated building construction systems on vocational education and training. Automated construction of Paul bruckmann buildings using cable-driven parallel robots.

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Concept studies of automated construction using cable-driven parallel robots. Design and analysis of a novel cable-driven haptic master device for planar grasping.

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Design and Paul bruckmann based validation of the control architecture of a stacker crane based on an innovative wire-driven robot. Robotics and computer-integrated manufacturing Jg. Evaluation of alternative drive systems based on driving patterns comparing Germany, China and Malaysia. International journal of automotive and mechanical engineering Jg.

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Reducing cyclic testing time for components of automotive suspension system utilising the wavelet transform and the Fuzzy C-Means. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing Jg. Rest-to-rest trajectory planning for planar underactuated cable-driven parallel robots.

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Simulating complex service systems: The need to generate a force time history towards life assessment of a coil spring.

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The need to generate realistic strain signals at an automotive coil spring Paul bruckmann durability simulation leading to fatigue life assessment. Othmann, Fauzi; Kurniawan, R.

Virtual prototype of spatial redundantly constraint cable-driven parallel robot using object-oriented modeling principal.

Kurniawan, Rudi; Othman, M. Combined use of modified hough transformation, random sample consensus and linear Paul bruckmann square to extract the normal parameterization of a straight line: IEEE transactions on robotics Jg. Mechanisms and machine science ; Dynamische Rekonfiguration eines seilbasierten Manipulators zur Verbesserung der mechanischen Steifigkeit.

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Mechanical systems and signal processing Jg. Improving the performance of a new storage and retrieval machine based on a parallel manipulator using FMEA analysis.

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Robust internal force-based impedance control for cable-driven parallel robots. Analysis of geometrical force calculation algorithms for cable-driven parallel robots with a threefold redundancy. Advances in robot kinematics: Application of the wavelet transforms for compressing lower suspension arm strain data.

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Paul bruckmann Applied mechanics and materials: Advances on theory and practice of robots and manipulators: Simulation of a cable-driven actuation concept for a humanoid robot prototype. Wavelet-Based feature extraction algorithm for fatigue strain data associated with the k-means clustering technique.

A reconfigurable, tendon-based haptic interface for research into human-environment interactions.

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Cloud storage of artifact annotations to support case managers in knowledge-intensive business processes. New Trends in Mechanism and Machine Science: Use of passively guided deflection units and energy-storing Paul bruckmann to increase the application range of wire robots.

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