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Skip to main content. Town Using Rutland as an example: Rutland has become "Anywhere USA". Sprawl is taking its toll.

Poverty is rampant in the city. And you know what? We all want change. Vermont has a unique opportunity to transform itself into a place where everyone is entitled to a second chance and happiness by Perkinsville vt single gay men.

Operating any motor vehicle on the roads and bridges. Curtail and limit interaction with any resident flatlander. The opportunities to be part of, belong, associate, and live in Vermont are extinct. Sudbury population growth management as seen in sprawl and ethnic diversity, drug control and rehabilitation, economic prosperity S. Burlington too expensive to live here.

We'd rather talk about jobs and countryside, and put blinders on when it comes Perkinsville vt single gay men the degradation of our state's sense of freedom from crime.

Burlington The biggest challenge facing Vermont is its ideals vs. Ideally we want to be rural and progressive, but we want better paying jobs and affordable housing. We wish for the private sector to grow but do not want to give up our social service programs.

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Rutland First in mind is that there is not much jobs here for our young talented college graduate children. We need to create jobs for our children so that they don't have to go to China to find jobs.

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Montpelier Vermont does not have enough jobs to offer the people who want to live here. I and many others worry that we will be forced to look for work outside of Vermont.

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Chester same as national AND maintaining a quality of life that is created of the whole environment and people but not easily defined cabot One hundred percent internet and cell phone access.

This state puts people at a disadvantage or at risk by not providing the technology America runs on. Vermont could be a leader in alternative energy and living green. Why we haven't taken those bulls by the horn I don't understand.

Mendon We need to cut the size of state government by eliminating expensive programs that we simply cannot afford. The goal should be to reduce the overall tax burden for businesses and individuals. Walden Vermonters as a whole face increasing threats on our rights under the Perkinsville vt single gay men government.

We pay too much in federal taxes, and don't see enough benefits bailouts, housing crisis, etc We don't want to be a suberb of New Jersey. Health care for all.

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Keeping younger people in the state. Affordable housing for all. Brownsville The challenge of working with a timid governor with no forward-thinking future plan, unable Perkinsville vt single gay men envision a more sustainable state and lacking compassion for the less fortunate.

Opportunities abound at the grassroots level to work for health care for all, production of Vermont-grown food and leadership in establishing Vermont's energy future weathersfield Challenges: VTers are aware of aforementioned challenges.

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Unlike many other states, VT still has the opp to conserve our lands. Marshfield - The depopulated Northeast Rockingham rights for same sex couples, employment, ethnic diversity lack of iteducation, rural internet connectivity Glover The state needs to find a fair, way to tax and pay for education, reaching Perkinsville vt single gay men one towns pocket so other towns get a free ride is unfair.

Affordable housing should be a hand up to home ownership not a hand out or hand down to a life long of renting.

Manchester Center We need to reform our social support system. Our elderly and disabled are falling thru the cracks. It appears that we are breeding more generations dependent on the state. Increased efforts on health care, including dental and eye care. Opportunity lies with our youth. Public schools are failing the potential. We need goods, service and resources ideally made nearby, not trucked in from far away. Keeping VT affordable is also important. Brattleboro We need Perkinsville vt single gay men establish such a degree of independence that we can shape our own future in a sustainable way.

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This doesn't mean not having any relations with the nation or the world, only that we are not trapped by conditions beyond our control.

Perkinsville vt single gay men Have more places in the southern half of the state for "young adults" I'm not talking teenagers here but like 20 year olds, I know my much older cousin hates to visit us in "the south" because he says there is nothing to do, but he is from Burlington Manchester Center Keeping Vermonters focused on what Perkinsville vt single gay men got, instead of what they think they're missing.

I think this applies in particular to younger native Vermonters who don't yet realize how fortunate they are. South Burlington Dislodging the stodgy, accountant based thinking from our State government.

Fayston that they realize for change and improvements to come locally we must first fix what is wrong nationally and globally East Wallingford Creating a State where our kids and grand kids can stay and earn a living wage, not from minimum wage but from competitive employers. Attracting companies to the state to increase employment opportunities for young people. ACT process is broken.

High taxes, high cost of education. Keeping young people in the state. Opportunities in green technologies. VT is ahead of most places and can attract and support cutting edge ideas in the green field which can provide good jobs for young people.

Middlebury I see a need to protect what we have here: I have witnessed urban sprawl and social decline in other parts of our country, and how they impact the environment: Finding a way to keep life affordable and to help Vermonter's thrive economically is very important to the long term future of this state. Halifax We no longer share the same land values.

Marking land as personal property and denying others the right to enjoy passive use of the land is on the rise.

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Lack of forward planning in energy, development and finance, a focus on re-election has weakened our government, and forced scarce dollars to address immediate emergency issues and Perkinsville vt single gay men invest in our land, conservation, farming and communities.

Montpelier The biggest challenge is encouraging new and growing businesses who's values match those of our residence and can provide for jobs for the next generation of vermonters. We are at a critical point, and the policies we set in the next few years will have a dramatic effect on the future of our state. South Burlington I think gay parenting is a challenge that we will see in the future.

It seems that real estate and the cost of living are very difficult to meet with the salaries offered here. Middlebury Small business' are the heartbeat of VT.

We need to make vt more small business friendly. People who grow up in vt love it here. They leave because of the lack of opportunity career wise. Declining enrollment in our grade schools. Cost of living too high, and lack of opportunity for younger generations.

Lack of incentive and encouragement for small business. The emigration of young, productive, and ambitious adults. Becoming a retirement community for people that can afford to live here.

Very many people still Perkinsville vt single gay men to live here due to the quality of life. Dorset Keeping towns small. Keeping the state rural. Costs of education, roads, energy East Hardwick There are many challenges, including supporting local farmers, building employment opportunities, and keeping the cost of living affordable, changing to renewable, sustainable energy sources, managing the ever growing correctional facilities problem, and building better socail, and educational services for our state, Easy right!

East Hardwick Keeping the state economically viable for young people and families Brattleboro Family dissolution is pandemic. Most legal and social problems originate here. We need to initiate educational focus on building strong families. Secure, intact families and homes can be emphasized K, and special programs for marriage preparation needed for couples considering matrimony: We must stop any development outside of traditional villages.

The wealthy should not be allowed to build McMansions that ruin the landscape for the rest of us. Owning property should not carry the Perkinsville vt single gay men to build a house. I want to make it clear that I support development necessary to sustaining a working landscape--this does not include residences.

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Burlington There is a great opportunity for the commuinity in its growth as an artistic meca for new england. This combined with the massive support for local merchants vs the big box store corp. This is something that you rarly see else where inthe country is just another reason why VT is so great. Newfane cutting government programs, consolidating school districts and other services like road repair to cut waste, better information and resource Perkinsville vt single gay men Rutland The Disneyfication of Vermont--a playground for the rich at the expense of local working Vermonters.

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Loss of working landscapes, habitat, open space to development. Increasing taxes due to increased property values as a result of out of state pressure on real estate. Lack of health insurance for many Vermonters. Feb 13, - Rent Houses in Weathersfield, VT from ₹/night. Find unique places Discover entire homes and private rooms perfect for any trip.

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