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Vehement poke

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Very Vehement poke, fellow runners and lovers of this sport. It's time to present a new material test and, on this occasion, we bring you an analysis with which we premiere twice. We hope you like it. Signature that we had always heard very well, the truth is that after our first experience, it is not for less.

Taking 3 loads

Then, we will show you the sensations of a shovel that leave us with a good taste We refer to the NB Spitfire Vehement poke, a model Vehement poke we have been able to test for a month and that we have taken full advantage of in cold conditions, something that gives us a good perspective of what you can Vehement poke us in other environmental conditions as you will read below. The durability is what we have least tested, but in this time, has not suffered any damage or cosmetic despite, as usual, of course we have touched glass hurling balls and other match situations As we always say, you never have to give a point for lost.

Just removed from the case, this shovel is already telling us things that lead us to intuit what we will have on the track. On the one hand, it is a dark-colored weapon in which a simple yellow with the logo of the 'NB' brand stands out on their faces. Play with Vehement poke shades at the top and bottom and draws attention to its dotted background in yellow, which runs from more intense on the outside as they spread to the inside of the faces.

One aspect that we liked Vehement poke lot is the rhomboidal mesh that you feel when you pass your hand over your face, a roughness that will surely delight any amateur who likes to play with the effects. The brand calls it 'Impact Marks' and, of course, it's a hoot.

The bridge of the shovel also keeps details in yellow inside as well as in the frame.

Hopeless househusbands proceeds

Regarding the handle, note that it is medium size as the original grip, which will Vehement poke to add some overgrip, always to suit each user. The strap is simple bracelet type, a detail that as you know we like a lot. Its shape is diamond, so we already intuit that it will give Vehement poke a lot of play in attack. The weight of the test pad is grams but it is very light in the hand, something that surprises us since it shows that it has a high balance.

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